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From:  Jamie Dawson

Easy Marketing Group, Graphics


Dear Internet Marketers,

Millions of websites on the internet!  If yours doesn't look professional, no-one will stay to read what you have to say.  Like it or not, people do judge a book by its cover.  And we have your brand new "cover" ready for you today!

People do judge a website by its design. When you start a new website project, you absolutely need to launch with a good-looking website. 

So what are your alternatives?

Become a webmaster & designer yourself!  How long is that going to take?

Grab some free templates available on the net.  But so is every Tom, Dick and You Know!  And, you have to leave the graphic guys' details on your site.  It's a condition of use.  That makes sure that everyone knows you got it for free!  Not good!

Find website templates to buy.  That's likely to cost you a minimum of $50 for each template and you're allowed a single use!

Have a site custom designed!  Have you got a minimum of $100 available... and that's going to be a really cheap one!

Not keen on any of the above??

No?  Good!  You don't need to be.  Because you're about to be the proud owner of no less than twenty minisite templates, complete with stacks of editable graphics.

It's true that a picture paints a thousand words!  Take a look at your new mini sites:

Blooming Flower (4)

Use for gardening or all other things natural. It would easily adapt for Christmas too!

Green Business (6)

Anything to do with business.  Online products or offline.


Yellow Art (5)

Want to sell a design product?  Printing services?  Are you an artist?  Housepainter?

Blue Business (14)

Very crisp and clean business site.


Omnicron (2)

Use your imagination! Add images or photos that reflect your own niche.

Stylish Blue (15)

Many, many uses.  Make more by using graphics from other templates.

Kinky (18)

Or not kinky! Strong, possibly masculine feel to it.  Use it as a newsletter or ezine!

Lovely Moments (17)

What product do you sell that is targeted at females?  They're the biggest buyers on the net!

Green Earth (7)

Nature, natural, garden, outdoor, plant nursery?Books about plants?  Global warming sites?

Price Tag (13)

Wide variety of uses. Ecommerce, retail, fashion etc. etc.


Ketam Bola (3)

Perfect for when you've got good photos or vibrant graphics.  Wide variety of uses.

Evergreen (20)

Soft, natural, feminine, feel good products.

Mano Blue (16)

Classic, use for most modern products.

Classic Style (9)

Again, masculine or business products.

Hosting Blue (1)

Hosting, or anything else to do with computers.

Toy Goat (12)

Toys, crafts, babies or toddlers, nursery products.  Anything to do with "littlies".

Stylish Green (10)

Wide variety of business or personal uses.  Add your niche graphics.

Orange Tangerine (19)

Again, a wide variety of uses.

Purple Business (8)

Business, male, writing, legal.  Male fashion.

Sky Flower (11)

Wide variety of uses.  Take out the leaves, add the pen from No. 8!


Like the colours or background of one of these?...

 make yours unique by using the images from one or more of the others!

Go ahead... figure out the untold numbers of different minisites you can construct from each of the backgrounds, using all of the different graphics!  The sky's the limit!

You will...

  • Gain the immediate trust of your web visitors with your professionally-designed mini site templates

  • Stay ahead of the trend with the latest Web2.0 style elements

  • Get free traffic with templates that have been optimized for the search engines

  • Choose your own style with sales letter and side menu template variations... heaps of them!

Each mini site template contains:

  • XSitePro template version

  • HTML version complete with web graphics

  • Photoshop PSD file

  • Blank header graphic file in GIF or JPG

Unlike most mini site templates merchants where they limit your usage to one website, there are absolutely no restrictions to these. 

And we're not finished yet!... we've added

80 New, High Conversion, Web Graphic Icons, Order Buttons And Guarantee Seals.  Yours As An Exclusive Bonus!

Just some of the 80 web graphics in this superb package

Aren't these simply the most up to date, high quality graphics you've seen!?

Want to change the wording on them?  You've got the psd files as well as jpegs.  Go right ahead!

Imagine using these on your new minisites!

Or on bringing your existing sites up to date!

And we're still not finished!...

You get all of the above templates and graphics for your own use, but how would you feel if we also added everything that is needed for you to have this package as your own new business on the internet?! Yes?  And then we added a stunning bonuses? Yes?  Okay!

 Your New Business includes:

  A Master Resell Rights Licence.  You sell this

        whole package and bank all the money that you

        make!  And your new clients are allowed to do the


  This website sales page with all the details and

        sales copy.  Ready for you to add your name and

        your payment link.  (Yes, you'll be led through

        every step).

  A download/thank you page for your new

        clients to download their product from.

  All the stunning graphics that make up this

        superb business package. 

  80 New Web 2.0 graphics for use with all your

        Mini Sites. Icons, order buttons and guarantee

        seals. Use them in any where you want. On your

        sales letter, your website, your blogs, your

       products, your videos, in print, on the web...

  A "Personalize & Publicize" Guide which

        leads you step-by-simple-step through adding your

        name and your own payment link to your new

        website.  We even tell you where to grab a free

        website editor and where to get your own payment


        And then, we show you how to promote your

        new business! 


And just think... no more fiddling about, trying to put a free, much used header on a blank template and have it look good!  These templates are top quality, visually brilliant and ready to go!


And we're still not finished!...


We can't help ourselves!  We've added another couple of bonuses to the total package...


  "Internet Business Building Resources." Need

        a domain name?  Hosting?  Are your sites now busy

        enough so that you need an autoresponder?  It can

        happen really quickly when you have good

        businesses!  Direct links take you to whatever you

        need to make your business successful.

   "Project Workbook".  Yes, it's hard to know where

        to start when planning your next product or

        project.  Not any more!  Make a copy of this ten

        page template in the name of your new product

        and start to complete the individual worksheets. 

        Yes... before you do one single thing about

        production!  You won't believe just how fast and

        how easily your new projects are going to come

        together if you follow the advice in this Work-



You've just got to get these?  Hang on a minute... what have we got these priced at?  Only $39!  That's less than $2 each! 


Okay... wait another minute!  What if we said that, for a limited time, you could download this complete turnkey business, all the templates and all the graphics and the three bonuses for


Only $24.97

If I were you, I'd grab this quickly before I come to my senses!  Or the boss gives me a rocket!

You get all the templates that you see on this page. And you also get to use them, print them and/or resell them along with the 80 brand new web graphics that can be edited in any way that you want.

Heck, you could even make up another twenty, different templates, from everything that's in this package...and sell those too!

And another fifty!

Then consider the pleasure of putting your own name on this page and changing the payment link below, to your own.

That's it!  You're off and running with a new business on the internet.  It's earning money for you while you're constructing your new Mini Sites. 

Just think... one sale and you've got your small investment returned!  Where else can that happen?

What are you waiting for?... that "Order Now" link will take you to the safest payment processor on the internet.  It's the one we suggest that you signup with, if you haven't already!


Congratulations!  Great decision!  I bet you just can't wait to get going with all those new Mini Sites, complete with all the graphics you'll need to make them look stunning. 

And you won't have to wait!  We're open twenty four hours a day.  You'll be downloading in just minutes from now.

Let me wish you all the best with your internet adventures!

Jamie Dawson

Graphics, Easy Marketing Group


P.S.  20 complete Mini Sites, 80 brand new graphics, three bonuses and a complete internet business for only $24.97 and you get to keep all the cash!  But that's today!  All our product prices are the subject of revision right now.  Please don't come back tomorrow to find that it's taken a price hike.


P.P.S.  You've seen the quality of the Mini Sites and viewed a good few of the bonus graphics.  If you've been waiting for the money-back guarantee, we're sorry, there isn't one!  We only sell the highest quality products and once you've received them, we have no control over any of the material.  If this is of concern to you, we respectfully request that you don't purchase.  But if you've already started forming a few ideas for your brand new mini sites, we believe that there's no other deal on the internet as good as this one!  Go get it!  And good luck.



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